Building Relationships Through Christ

Comments based on the events of Tuesday, June 12th, 2018.

I feel so blessed being here in Tecate as we work on construction sites, clean dishes, and help Kevin paint a beautiful mural in the dining room. I enjoy the companionship of the children from the

orphanage and members of my church family. Everyday we’re learning more about each other and the importance of communication, helpfulness, support, and serving one another.

Our relationships not only developed during our work times but also our free times in which we played games and shared happy memories with one another.

Today was a wonderful day for togetherness amongst many of the orphans as well as many of our own church folk. This afternoon, I played charades with many people from Skokie Valley, including both adults and children of all ages. We had a fantastic time, laughing our heads off in our dorm as many more people walked in and joined us throughout. We then learned how to play Mafia, and had so much fun - as we struggled to understand the rules - that we often gave away our own personas unintentionally.

Afterwards, we went to an arcade with the children from the orphanage and I got to spend some real quality time with many of them, especially Alexia, Miguel, Briana, and Lupita. After we were given our tokens, Alexia and I played many reaction-time-based games, and then Miguel and I played a car-racing game together. I then spent the rest of my time at the arcade with Lupita. We played Dance Dance Revolution for many rounds until we were just too tired to continue. So, we sat and talked about music and showed each other pages in our notebooks -- mine, drawings from the plane, and hers, a personal story, all written in English. It was really nice to read and I’m glad I was able to understand everything she’d written. After we got home, Alexia and Briana drew very lovely pictures for me, and I had dinner sitting next to Miguel.

It was a really fun day all-in-all, and I’m so glad that God has given me the opportunity to spend it with such wonderful and vibrant people.

All of these relationships that I had further developed today really added layers to everyone’s character in my eyes. Although we all have different ages, cultural backgrounds, and many of us speak different languages, we were all created by the same God and we are all part of the same Christian family.

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