What You Can Expect When Returning To The Sanctuary




Service Times

Beginning Sunday, September 20th, our three Sunday Morning Worship times will consolidate to two consistent with the following schedule:  8:00am and 11:00am, with Sunday School education classes from 9:30am to 10:30am.  The previous 12:00 noon worship service has been discontinued.  Also, please note that during the 8:00am service, families are welcomed to bring their children (3rd graders and beyond), while there are no age restrictions during the 11:00am worship hour.


Consistent with Phase 4 protocols, sanctuary attendance is restricted to 70 congregants or less.  Live streamed services will continue uninterrupted.  Registering for Sunday services will be facilitated by a simple, user-friendly, online reservation process, which will include a few generalized health-related questions.


Family Zone

Classrooms 135/137 have been reconfigured for families to gather during service times to watch online together.  Congregants seated in the Family Zone will be able, via projector screen, to view the service via our YouTube live stream. Please note that the same protocols with respect to spatial distancing and masks that apply within the sanctuary, are likewise applicable in the Family Zone.

Temperature Checks

For your safety, as well as the other congregants, all attendees will receive temperature checks via hand-held, ultra-violet thermometers by members of our ERT Team, which are comprised of licensed health professionals.  Please be advised, if your temperature reading is recorded beyond normal parameters, we will not be able to admit you into the building.  No exceptions.

Masks & Spatial Distancing

Again, to ensure your safety, as well as that of the other congregants, masks must always be worn while inside the building.  Masks will also be available upon request at the screening counter.  Please expect to maintain adherence to familiar spatial distancing guidelines both within the building and while on the parking lot grounds.

Children’s Church & Nursery

At this time, Children’s Church and Nursery cannot be offered.

Sunday School

All Sunday School classes will continue to be offered virtually during the 9:30 am hour.

Volunteer Opportunities

We have need of volunteers willing to serve in a host of capacities, such as ushers, screeners, cleaners (in between services), audio/visual/multimedia team members, health industry professionals willing to serve as emergency response team members, as well as others.  If you would like to serve, please contact either myself or our Connections Coordinator, Jennifer Reed.


On behalf of our staff, it is difficult to express in words how excited we are to welcome the Skokie Valley family back into the church building.  We thank you for your continued prayers, patience, and faithfulness.


Dana James

Executive Pastor

Skokie Valley Baptist Church


Online registration starts on Tuesdays at noon 

for the following Sunday's worship services.




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