Men's summer talks

Where Fellowship Grows--So Can Faith

For 13 weeks this summer different men from across the SVBC family will take the time to share their thoughts and testimony on a wide range of both personal and topical issues. The series will be held in room 109 from 9:45 - 10:45 am.  Each week a different SVBC man will provide a short talk that will be followed by open-ended discussion.  


As you can see from the schedule below, we have a wide range of topics. 


Every session will be as much a personal testimony from a fellow member of our SVBC family as it will be a chance to bring and share your own experiences.


July 07   John Scheinpflug:  Why Don't My Prayers Get Answered?

July 14   Robert Grier:  Overcoming Fear

July 21   Paul Dicke:  Experiencing Loss

July 28   Phil Tom:  Does He Know You?

Aug 04   Michael Scheinpflug:  Waiting on God

Aug 11   Baird Larson: A Christian Businessman

Aug. 18  Paul Murphy: Armor of God

Aug. 25  Jose and Daniel Salgado: Father and Son

Sept 01   Jerry Leibforth: Friendship--Men of Availability,

                Sensitivity, and Reliability

Sept 08   LT D. Shannon Rainwater CHC USN: Missions to the                           Military: The Challenges, the Mission, and Personal                             Resiliance

Sept 15   Rich LeVeque: Balancing the Needs of Faith and Family

Sept 22   No Session. We're at Man Camp!

Sept 29   George Salibas:  Faith in Times of Hardship and the

      Unique Challenges of Christianity in the Middle East

  • What is prayer about?

  • One man shares how God helped him taking his sight.

  • Another lost his wife. How did he get through that?

  • What is it--really--to be born again?

  • What do you do when the answer doesn't come?

  • Can you be a Christian and an executive at the same time? Is there a "Bring Your Savior To Work with You" day?

  • Meet a cop. How do you shield your mind from things most of us never hope to see?

  • We wish our kids would turn out to be godly. We'll hear from one man who did it--and we'll hear from his son.

  • Do you have a friend you can count on?

  • Now hear this! A Navy chaplain has the horn.

  • With twin preschoolers at home, this dad wonders how to do everything he thinks he's supposed to do.

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