men's Breakfast

second saturdays at 7:30 am

Come join us on the second Saturday of each month at 7:30 a.m. for breakfast, where we can all get together to share time, thoughts, perspectives—and still get back home in time to work on the house.

Meet new members. Spend time with old friends. Offer suggestions for what we can do within our church, our community, and for those we love. These breakfasts are an open door for “good guys to become better guys” by spending time together.

Typically, there's a short talk to serve as a discussion starter. Then at the tables, we discuss the topic over eggs, bacon, and lots of other good stuff. A wrap-up time features someone from each table sharing what his group talked about. Then we share news, prayer requests, and things like that.

All ages. Sure, bring your sons.

No admission. Someone's already donated the food. Because you want to give, we have a basket to benefit our CareNet ministry. CareNet meets needs of people in our church and in our larger community.

Whatever you put in the basket goes to our CareNet ministry.

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