Sunday school classes are the best way

to dive into learning God's Word.


Sunday school is a small group strategy that guides students to come to know Jesus and then begin to deepen their lives in evangelism, discipleship, ministry, fellowship, and worship.  Our goal during the Sunday School hour is to lead people to become committed followers of Christ through the weekly explanation and examination of the scriptures. Students will dig deeper into the bible using Explore the Bible Curriculum.


Join us on Sunday mornings from 9:45-10:45am.

We have classes for everyone!

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Contact Jen Getz (, the Director of Children’s Ministry to learn more!

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In Sprouts Children's Church, children from 2 years old through kindergarten will learn about the love of Jesus and have fun doing it!


Our Sprouts Children's Church is a year round program that runs on Sunday mornings during the 11:00 a.m. service. Our 2 and 3 year old classroom utilizes Hands-On curriculum while our 4 year olds through kindergarten use the Gospel Project.


While parents enjoy the opportunity to worship totally focused on their own spiritual growth and relationship with the Lord during the 11:00 a.m. service, children get to learn about the Lord at their level. We love helping children learn about the Lord from their perspective and invite all 2 year olds through kindergarten to join us.


Contact Nicole (, the Director of Early Childhood Ministry, to learn more!


While adults are focused in worship, kids are invited to attend an age appropriate worship hour in The Root program. The Root at 11AM engages kids in worship at their level using weekly Bible lessons, Bible based activities, and special worship utilizing the Gospel Project curriculum. All kids in grades 1-5 are encouraged to participate. The Root meets during the school year in room 135 and 137.

Contact Jen(, the Director of Children’s Ministry, to learn more!

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 Q. Why Does Kids’ Church intentionally

NOT meet on  Family First Sunday?  

First Sunday is communion and Family First Sunday. We intentionally do not have The Root 11am Worship the first Sunday of the month so parents and adults can worship together with children. During the service, parents have the opportunity to model and teach about communion which is just one of the ways we show that we are Christ’s and reflect upon his gift of salvation. Family Sunday gives parents and adults the chance to model many aspects of worship for children. Bringing children to worship is an essential part of their growth in Christ. The Body of Christ assembled is incomplete with children’s absence.

Contact Jen(, the Director of Children’s Ministry, to learn more!


We love serving children and are committed to ensuring that all of the children entrusted to our care are accounted for and safely returned to their family.


      Here at Skokie Valley, keeping our children safe and secure is a priority. At our check-in kiosk, our hospitality team warmly greets each family, checks in every child attending Sunday School and Children’s/Kids’ worship hour, and monitors the children’s wing, allowing access only to those who need to enter the area. First time visitors are more than welcome to join us for both Sunday School and Children’s/Kids’ worship. You can register at the kiosk or you can print and bring a completed Youth and Children registration form (Make sure to fill out information for all children under 18 years old). Whether a visitor, regular attender, or member, all children receive a name tag and parents/guardians receive parent stickers once the children are checked in.


When it’s time for pick-up, don’t forget to bring your parent sticker!


      At the end of Sunday School or the 11am service, parents/guardians come down to the children’s wing to check-out their children from their respective classes and must have their parent sticker in order to enter the children’s wing. There is a check-out binder for each age group located at the round table by the check-in kiosk. Parents/guardians will turn-in their parent sticker to a hospitality team member before heading to the classroom to pick up their children.


Contact Nicole (, the Director of Early Childhood Ministry, to learn more!



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