Trusting God in Turbulent Times

The greatest reality in every situation is always God. Crises come and go. But God is. And, God can be trusted with the future that we don’t yet see. 

In our Fall 2020 Sermon Series, we will be studying Isaiah 40-55. (This is a follow-up to our 2019 series on Isaiah 1-39, which you can find in our Sermon Archives.)

These Study Guides are prepared to help you encounter the Scripture texts that we will be studying on Sunday mornings during the series. God bless you as you dig deeper into this fabulous book! 

Click on the appropriate Study Guide to download a PDF.

Overview of the Book of Isaiah

Lesson 1: Behold your God! (Isaiah 40:1-31)

Lesson 2: I will help you (Isaiah 41:1-29)

Lesson 3: New things I declare (Isaiah 42:1-25)

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