"Honor your father and your mother."       (Ex. 20:12

Caring for Our Caregivers

On Tuesday night, March 05, twenty-six of us met. The purpose of the meeting was to encourage and celebrate and to make connections. To that end, we sat at round tables of small groups. We enjoyed a delicious meal from Detroit Kabob. After a brief word from Pastor Dave, we shared around the tables.

Thanks to Emma Vega and her team who provided and served the food. Emma's team included Hoda Girgis, Jim and Carole Porter, and Nahrin Shamoon.

We received some great feedback.


If we were to have gatherings like this in the future, we should consider these:

For future meetings, having everyone in one large group enables everyone to hear what is shared. Of course the downside is, that fewer will share, especially those who are less out-going. What about a hybrid? Eat at small tables and then have the whole group join together?

Greater transparency was hoped for. Many of us are fearful, frustrated, even resentful for the burden this care places upon us. 

Invite professional speakers to discuss power of attorney, health care  decisions, financial planning, support, etc.

Should we do this again?

Let me know here. Let me know when such a meeting should take place. Would you prefer a meal included even if there was a cost involved?

Sharing Used Medical Equipment

Another suggestion at the Caregivers dinner was to have a way for people who have used medical equipment to connect with people who need it. I'm considering how we could do that. Suggestions here.

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