What's the plan?

New to Skokie Valley? Have you wondered what's the plan? What is our church about?

Starting Point is the best way to find out what Skokie Valley is about. We meet at 10 a.m. on Sundays in the sanctuary. But stop by the cafe and get some coffee and rolls first. Bring them into class with you.

Here's the schedule for our next session of Starting Point.

     TBD: Our Beliefs  We give an overview of our Statement of Faith. Love to hear your questions.

     TBD: Our Plan   We share our plan to help people become committed followers of Christ.

     TBD: Our Story     Each of us shares what Christ means to us.

You've got questions . . .

I'm just checking out the church. Is this class for me?

That's what this class is all about. It's like getting a backstage pass.

I was looking for the New Member class.

And you found it. This class is also the New Members' Class. At the end of Starting Point, we invite attendees to consider membership. Some are ready. Some are still checking us out. But once you've attended this class, your ticket is punched. You don't have to attend it again.

What if I miss a session?

We'll arrange backups. It's no problem.

What if I miss the first session, attend the second, and then attend the first session? Will I meet a younger me, fall into a black hole, forever distort the space-time continuum or get confused? 

It's ok. Really! The sessions are independent and don't need to be attended in any particular order.

Got more questions? Email Pastor Dave here.