Frequently Asked Questions

What do we bring each week?

Please have your child bring their Awana handbook and wear their Awana uniform every week. Also, please have your child wear GYM SHOES. This is for your child's safety for during games.

What if I'm unable to pay for the Dues, Handbook, and Uniform?

Financial assistance may be available. Please contact an Awana Director onsite.

How do I sign up?

Register online by clicking here. Then pay for Dues, Handbook and Uniform fees when you come to your first night of Awana.

Can we bring birthday treats for my child's room?

Yes, as long as the following guidelines are met: 1) No peanuts/tree nuts of any kind. 2) Treats must arrive in original packaging with ingredients listed. 3) Notify the Room Director one week prior. 4) Must be enough for all children in the room.

Can parents observe?

Parents are welcome to observe at any Awana night. Please check-in with an Awana Director if you plan to stay and observe that night.

How can I help?

First and foremost, children need help during the week practicing and memorizing their Bible verses. For tips on how to do this at home, you can visit

How are the kids dismissed?

Cubbies and Sparks (2nd Grade and younger) must be picked up from their classroom by a pre-authorized person. T&T Girls/Boys will be dismissed from their classrooms at 8:15pm.

What if there's an emergency closing?

In the case of an unexpected closing, you will be contacted via email or phone. You may also contact the Church Office during office hours at 847-256-1050.

How much does it cost?

Dues​: The Awana Club dues are $40 per clubber per year. If registered online by September 8, the discounted dues are $35 per clubber. This money is used to offset the club expenses for awards, prizes, occasional treats, special events and club supplies.​ Handbooks: Awana handbooks are $10 each. Handbooks are essential for every clubber as this is the book that they will work in each week. It contains the Bible verses they will be memorizing and other sections necessary in order to earn their book award. Uniforms:​ Uniforms are highly recommend and are sold at various prices depending on the club group. Vests for Cubbies & Sparks are $15 each. Shirts for T&T kids are $20 each. Optional items including bags are also available.​​

For more information about the SVBC AWANA program,

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